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submitted as iConnect


Another deal is final, and I’m happy to say it is with a new company that I haven’t worked with before called Learning Resources. Learning Resources is a manufacturer and publisher of educational materials. We personally own many of their products for our daughter Giana so that makes working with them especially exciting. I call the game iConnect. As always, after I submit a game they have the right to change the name so it may change. One name being considered is –iTrax. This game was designed using a deck of cards with each card displaying a maze like layout of colored lines in different lengths and colors, along with multiple colored squares. Each player has a set of 4-sided (read more)

Crazy Cakes
submitted as Tri Stack

Tri Stack

It was almost a year to the day that I decided to look into this business of designing games. Little did I know how much was involved but thanks to some very special people, namely Michael, Cheryl, Stephan and Keith, I was able to get some key direction. I must also thank all the people who ever play tested one of my games. I know I drove you all crazy but the feedback is always helpful – Thanks so much! Michael also allowed me to show him game idea after game idea and his critical disection made me want to get a license deal more than ever. Stephan introduced me to more games than I thought (read more)

submitted as Flip Flop

Flip Flop

My second license deal is now final, and with a different company than my first deal. I’m really excited to work with this company called MindWare. Their tag line is “Brainy toys for kids of all ages”. My game, called Flip Flop, has a little twist that I think is unique to the industry and is truly a brain twister. I am very excited about this game, since it is one of the very first games I’ve invented and it seemed to be a hit every time we play tested it. Again I’d like to thank everyone who gave me as much as a single word of advice. Colleen, Joyce, Mary Jo, Jack, Keith and everyone (read more)

Mine Shift
submitted as Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Another deal is final, and I’m happy to say it is with the same company as my game called Flip-Flop. This new game I call Stepping Stones. Again this company is called Mindware and their tag line is ”Brainy toys for kids of all ages”. What I like about this game is that it has a mix of chess, backgammon and checkers, but a lighter strategy. The fact that the board is different everytime you play, adds to the challenge. I have to say thanks to everyone at game night who play tested this one. Your comments helped move it along nicely. Stephan, Kyle, Timm, Chris, Tony and of course Bruce. This game strategy requires you to think a few moves (read more)